March 7, 2018


“I was immediately impressed by Britni’s functional and holistic approach, which allowed her to pick up on imbalances and chronic issues that I have been living with for years in the space of only a single 20-minute assessment. Britni is also the most well-informed physiotherapist on issues relating to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility, and Mast Cell Activation Disorder that I have ever met. At each appointment she combines strengthening and breathing techniques with manual therapy and targeted advice, tailoring her treatment to whatever needs I may have that week while keeping an eye on long-term goals. She is also incredibly optimistic and solution oriented, and focuses on what I can achieve rather than what I should avoid.
Since working with Britni I have made huge strides, both as a runner and as a patient with Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrome. With her guidance and supervision I successfully completed the Brussels 20k injury-free – something that would have been unthinkable only 6 months ago! My EDS symptoms are also better-managed than ever. I look forward to seeing what else I can achieve under her expert care.” LD in Brussels


“My fear is that the menopause will deeply affect how I want to lead my life- I am a runner and love exercise of all types. Nick helps me to focus on activating and conditioning those parts of me that are too easy to forget… he is patient, caring, precise, listens to my worries, and teaches me simple exercises that I perform daily in my home following a run or a walk. I see so much difference – it’s amazing! Nick is always happy to answer queries and evolve his care to meet my need. Thank you, Nick!” JA in Brussels

“Britni is the best pelvic floor therapist I ever worked with!! 
After several childbirthes with some major birth injuries I’m suffering from severe pelvic floor issues, particularly stress incontinence. The latter is extremely bothering me, because I love to do sports of all kinds, especially running and I couldn’t go for a run without leaking. I tried a lot of practicioners and pelvic floor programs without much success. The specialists told me that leaking and a weak pelvic floor are completely normal after several childbirthes and that I had to accept that. Even though it seemed to be hopeless, I wasn’t ready to accept my situation and I finally came across Britni, because I was looking for a pelvic floor specialist who eventually could bring me back to running. I have to say that her approach is a night and day difference to all the programs that I tried before! First of all Britni was the first person to tell me that incontinence is NOT normal and that my pelvic floor issues could be fixed with proper exercises, consistency and patience. That was a revelation for me and gave me so much hope!!!! She shows me exercises that I never did before, which I love to perform and they’re really effective. Britni has a wealth of knowledge and explains things very clearly and straightforward. I love that she takes a whole body approach and I have learned many movement corrections from her. Her tips for performing exercises correctly have greatly enhanced my practice and I learned a lot of functional movements too. I love her teaching style, she’s amazing, very supportive and has a great sense of humor which makes everything so much more fun!! I can ask her anything and she answers immediately whenever I have a question. She’s really interested in her patients’ progress and well-being. Everybody (especially women!) should learn from her, I recommend her 100 %!!!!” 
– AS in Hoeilaart

“My father was suffering severe coordination and balance problems following an ischemic stroke and was recovering from a recent surgery on brain tumor, when we turned to Laura for help with physio rehabilitation. For a month and a half prior to his first session with Laura he could not walk or stand properly. After the first 3 sessions with her the progress was amazing – he could do short walks and go up and down the stairs on his own without any support. His balance and coordination have steadily improved over the 2.5 weeks of intensive daily sessions with Laura and he was able to walk and turn almost normally towards the endThe rehabilitation program included a wide range of various exercises that Laura adapted and modified according to my father’s progress and condition. We were all impressed by her professionalism, dedication and creativity. Moreover, her positive energy, constant encouragement and drive were critical factors in my father’s recovery and he was very grateful for that. I would certainly recommend any patient undergoing post-surgery, post-stroke rehabilitation or suffering neurological problems to seek Laura’s help.” –   ND in Brussels

“Several years ago my niece suffered a dance injury that required physical therapy.  She was one of the top dancers in the country for her age and they sought out the best sports medicine doctors and therapists to help her recovery.  That’s when I first heard of Laura.  But it wasn’t until my own daughter, Christina, also a professional dancer, suffered a second degree tear in her hamstring that we got to know Laura well and really appreciate her physical therapy expertise.   For over a year, she worked closely with Laura to overcome her injury and I am happy to say is now completely recovered with a successful dance career. She has just recently finished a dancing tour with Chinese pop star- Jay Chou. But that’s not the end of it.  My son, Ryan, also a professional dancer, was in a car accident and suffered 1stdegree whiplash severely impacting his neck and back for years.  Ryan saw both Laura and one of her colleagues for physical therapy over an extended period.  They worked very closely with Ryan’s chiropractor and sports medicine physician with a progressive, integrated approach which I am convinced gave Ryan the best possible outcome.  One doctor later told me that his recovery was “nothing short of miraculous”.  Today, Ryan dances with top artists including Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, and has toured internationally with the Cheetah Girls and Chayanne.  If Ryan had not gotten the help and the expertise from these top notch physical therapists I am convinced he would not be where he is today.”   Cheri Chandler-Michel

“Throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to evaluate and compare the quality of care I received from several different organizations in five different states.  In comparison, OPT, specifically Laura, are clearly the best.  Her ability to carry out a program suggested by my physiatrist, Stan Herring the NFL Seahawks doctor, augmented by her own diagnostic skills has been very effective.   Laura’s care and concern for my own health and thoughtful and knowledgeable responses to questions has been a great help and unique experience.  It has been also impressive for me to note the obvious respect which she is held by Dr. Stan Herring and his staff for her expertise.”G.P. Bellevue