March 6, 2018

Running Training

Our running training is focused on teaching runners how to run without injury, eliminating the common complaints we see at our studio (including ‘runners knees’, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis).  At LVW Physio we offer ‘Learn To Run’ support for beginners as well as Technique Training for established runners.

Our expertise is offered through a series of courses, workshops and even through individual sessions. Many of our workshops are run in conjunction with Be More Active who works with us to teach the importance of Pose Method.

Pose Method

The Pose Method of Running technique has three key elements; 1) Pose 2) Fall and 3) Pull. It is developed to work with gravity as a tool to drive forward motion instead of just muscular effort. This ensures less chance of injury, a faster speed and increased endurance over a longer distance. We teach you the importance of landing under your body (and not in front of you) and how it minimises injury. We will also show you how a good fall position increases speed and how a high cadence and quick pull can power you for longer distances.

To learn more about our forthcoming running training events, get in touch.