March 7, 2018

Your First Visit

If you’ve never experienced a session with a physiotherapist  before and want to know more on how we help you, here is our guide on what to expect from your first physiotherapy appointment and subsequent treatment plan.

Self Referal Vs Referal

In Belgium, you have the option to be referred to a physiotherapist via a doctor or to self-refer yourself. If you have been referred by another health-care provider, you will be given a prescription – do remember to tell your physiotherapist this because you may be entitled to refunded costs via your health care insurance. You can learn more here.

Before Your Assessment

Before your first assessment, please complete out the medical history questionnaire located here and consent for location here.

The Initial Assessment

During an initial session, your physiotherapist work to gain an understanding of the source of your discomfort or problem area through a  full examination. If you have any relevant documentation, please remember to bring it with you. Patients should wear loose, comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement.

In the initial assessment,  your physio may ask you to perform a few movements or exercises so we can correctly assess your level of mobility. You might have to walk a short distance or undertake clinical testing such as reflex and nerve testing. If the area of your body causing you pain is covered by clothing, we might ask you to remove it so we can better access your area of pain.

After observation, your physio will outline a proposed treatment plan. The number of sessions needed is determined by the individual, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatment. A single session usually lasts 60 minutes.

Types Of Treatment

After your initial assessment, your therapy will begin. There are several methods of treatment commonly used in physiotherapy to understand more – read our services here.

Physiotherapy Follow Up 

Your therapist may give you a sheet of easy to follow physiotherapy exercises you can practice at home. Also, if your injury is caused or aggravated by lifestyle factors your physio will advise on modified approaches to these to prevent injury re-occurrence.

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